27.51% Total THC/A 

With a refreshing evergreen scent reminiscent of our beloved Angeles Crest National Forest, Los Angeles Kush’s “RED BOX” OG is the quintessential couch-lock indica. Not for the faint of heart, Red Box has become the gold standard for heavy sedative relaxation, stubborn insomnia, and intense pain. This strain is the ideal choice for more experienced patients.

Los Angeles Kush - Red Box

  • LA Kush is a hybrid strain with an uncertain genetic history. The consensus is the cultivar is OG Kush crossed with Abusive OG. Despite its unknown origins, this LA Kush is beloved for its piney sweet flavors with a hint of lavender and mint. This strain reportedly uplifts moods before sweeping users with a blanket of relaxation that stems from its THC range of 19-21%.

    Top reported strain effects

    • Happy

    • Relaxed

    • Hungry

    Top reported strain flavors

    • Earthy

    • Pine

    • Woody