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• Boutique Indoor Flower

• Strain Specific Diamonds 

• Extremely Flavorful 


Black Runtz flower infused with Black Runtz Live Resin—a pinnacle of cannabis luxury. Delight your senses with a flavor profile that intertwines sweet and fruity notes, evoking the essence of dark berries and a tantalizing hint of exotic sweetness. These prerolls encapsulate the essence of Black Runtz, merging its uplifting effects with the amplified potency of Black Runtz Live Resin, delivering a euphoric and profoundly relaxing high, perfect for inspiring creativity and unwinding after a long day. The terpene profile exhibits limonene for mood elevation and caryophyllene, potentially offering anti-inflammatory properties, culminating in a comprehensive and captivating cannabis experience meticulously rolled into each preroll.

[LT] Black Runtz - 0.5g Infused Pre Roll Multipack (5)

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