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• Boutique Indoor Flower

• Strain Specific Diamonds 

• Extremely Flavorful 


Lemon Cherry Gelato cannabis flower dry-infused with Lemon Cherry Gelato Live Resin—an epitome of refined cannabis sophistication. Revel in a flavor profile that intertwines sweet and citrusy notes, evoking the essence of zesty lemon coupled with ripe cherries, creating a refreshing and invigorating bouquet. Brilliance harmonizes Lemon Cherry Gelato's uplifting effects with the heightened potency of its Live Resin infusion, delivering a euphoric and deeply relaxing experience perfect for boosting creativity and inducing tranquility. The terpene profile highlights limonene for mood elevation and myrcene for potential relaxing effects, ensuring a comprehensive and captivating cannabis journey with each puff.


[LT] Lemon Cherry Gelato - 0.5g Infused Pre Roll Multipack (5)

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