Total THC/A 23.01% 

Type: Sativa


Our flagship Sativa, Kushberry Cheesecake is one of a kind. A unique cross of Alien Moonshine and UK Cheese yields frosty buds that exude sweet notes of blueberry and cream. Consistently tested as one of our highest THC content strains, this sativa will leave patients with a euphoric body buzz and sharp, cerebral high.

Los Angeles Kush - Kushberry Cheesecake

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    Originally developed in the Netherlands, Cheesecake is a strain with mysterious origins. This strain is a cross between The Cheese and an unknown indica.


    While the earthy and cheese-like musk are the predominant aromas, there is a kick of sweetness that lingers as well. This strain is also characterized by its thick bud structure and red hair.

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    Top reported strain effects

    • Uplifted

    • Euphoric

    • Energetic

    Top reported strain flavors

    • Lavender

    • Berry

    • Blue Cheese

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