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Hand crafted and exquisitely heavy, the Live Rosin Jelly Infused Pre-Roll is the next step on our quest for cannabis perfection. We injected exotic cultivars with Tier 1 Live Rosin Jelly, extracted from California’s finest fresh-frozen premium cannabis. The end result is an even burn, a handpicked flavor combo, and heavy hits you won’t find anywhere else.



Kerosene is a potent hybrid created by crossing Sour Diesel with The White. It holds onto the Sour Diesel smell while taking on the trichome production of The White, building a distinctive and memorable strain in both taste and effect. Expect uplifting but powerful euphoria that pairs well with creative activities.



Sour Peaches is a dynamic hybrid strain celebrated for its mouthwatering flavor and balanced effects. Combining sweet peach and tangy sour notes with floral undertones, Sour Peaches offers a deliciously uplifting and euphoric high that transitions into a soothing and calming body buzz, making it perfect for any occasion.


Strain Type: Indica

Effect Profile: Energetic, Creative, Euphoric

Flavor Profile: Diesel, Floral, Sour, Peach

Lineage: Kerosene: Sour Diesel x The White Sour Peaches: Ice Queen x Huckleberry Diesel

[HH] Kerosene x Sour Peaches | Indica - Live Rosin Infused 0.5g Preroll 5-Pack

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