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Cali Fresh - Cinnamon Rollz 1G Kief - Indica/Hybrid - 35.42% THC 

(Cinnamon Milk X Zkittlez)


Kief is one of the oldest forms of Hashish known to man. It is a substance that has been around for thousands of years.. Smoking kief originated in North Africa and the Middle East, In the Rif region of Morocco. Derived from the Arabic word kayf, which means “pleasure,” it is sometimes written in English as kif or kief. All of these terms refer to the sticky THC crystals that make your buds look frosty AF. Today we use kief to Infuse other cannabis products such as pre-rolls or even buds to make potency even stronger. Kief can be used to infuse non cannabis products such as butter and other foods as well. Personally, I like to top my bongloads with a nice layer of frosty goodness to go with that sweet sweet ooey gooey...

Cali Fresh - Cinnamon Rollz 1G Kief

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